Happy weekend + links

Hello Friday! This weekend I’m going on a bluebell walk in Wimbledon, and prepping for a photo shoot next week. Hope you have a lovely weekend, here are a few links to enjoy: 

Inside a psychoanalyst’s office

I really want to visit the astronomy photographer of the year exhibition (great video stories behind the photos.)

Love this converted pub

And how these flowers have been displayed

Joy, kindness and gentleness

A lovely advert (for Thai life insurance!)

Business questions: on business cards

How often do you give out business cards? I’ve always had a very slapdash approach to carrying them around (ie I don’t) and so never have one when am asked. But recently in quick succession I missed two good opportunities to share my details and my brand with complete strangers, once in a bar and once on a plane. So I just printed a new batch and have had them in my wallet for the last two weeks (in which time there have been no business card opportunities.) As most of my networking is online, and most of my non-virtual life focuses on priorities and interests not particularly related to my shop, I don’t end up giving out cards very often at all.

If you’re part of a small operation, what do you call yourself on your card? In this book, Blake Mycoskie suggests giving yourself a title which makes your business seem bigger, so people will take you more seriously. So, although there’s no way I’d call myself ‘Vice President of xx’ (his very American suggestion), I’ve been trying to think of something more imaginative than my current description of ‘owner’. I quite fancy creative director, but then I think of the years and years I slogged to become an accountant, and so don’t want my title to sound so creative (since I look at spreadsheets every single day.) I can’t possibly be CEO of a one-person operation, and so I’m a bit stumped! Any ideas?

(Spotted tray is part of this desk set, and I used a photo from this shoot for my most recent cards.)

Have a happy weekend

Have a lovely weekend! I’m looking forward to the Streatham Kite Day on Sunday {thanks to Cara for the tips via Twitter}, and need to catch up on my reading for next weekend’s Blook Club.

I’ve been really enjoying Mel’s Fresh Finds column, so I thought I’d share some links and things I’ve spotted recently:

I just re-read Start Something That Matters by the founder of Toms {very inspiring for anyone interested in social entrepreneurship, and a very easy read.}

A stylish new glasses brand.

A You Tube video of Annie Liebovitz in Northern Ireland {stunning photos in Vanity Fair.}

And finally, six habits of highly grateful people.

{Print: on sale at Debbie Carlos.}

Egg decorating, the washi way

I’ve been planning some washi tape action on this paper egg since last Easter, when I bought it from Ikea. It’s very easy to decorate – just add smallish pieces of tape, starting in the middle of the egg, and work outwards.

I’ve filled it with mini eggs, but you could add little gifts if you know someone with an Easter birthday. We’re planning an Easter egg hunt in our office {I have a short temp job at the minute} and I think this will be very useful as a key clue holder!

{PS, next year I’m hoping to run a fundraising Easter egg hunt – any practical suggestions of how that could work would be very helpful!}

Pink paper doily parasols

Hello! Well, the sun came out today, so I’m re-posting an old, old summery project here, a little before its season, but because it’s been re-pinned many times on Pinterest and often people email me for instructions or information on where to buy the pink doilies. I’m often disappointed to find my images linking to other sources (and worse, other shops who are using them to sell the same thing), especially as I spend a lot of time and money creating original content to promote my brand. I deleted this project from our craft projects archive a long time ago, as the paper pink doilies are discontinued, but I’m rep-posting the photos here, so at least they are linked to the correct source.

 The abbreviated instructions:

- Cut a small circle out of card and mark its centre (approx. 4.5cm diameter.)

- Glue one circle onto the centre of each doily (of a larger diameter) and let it dry.

- Cut from the edge of the doily to its centre and bend into a cone shape. Secure with craft glue.

- Optional: glue wooden plug or bead to parasol and let dry. We used a 1/4″ plug painted white.

- Glue a wooden skewer to the inside of the parasol with a hot glue gun and let dry.

Project by Olivia Kanaley for Papermash.


My love for you grows and grows

Hello! Just popping in with this quick project by Hannah of Seeds and Stitches, created for our washi tape subscribers. I’m having fun wrapping these little parcels each month.

Most of our washi tape designs will be sold out soon {discontinued by the supplier} so if you’re particularly fond of one design, I would stock up soon. We will have some more of their new range at some point, but a smaller collection.

Paper cup boxes, festive edition

Just trying out a few ideas for my Christmas Crafternoon for friends in a few week’s time, where we’ll make a food gift and wrap it up.

I think a few pieces of peppermint bark will fit nicely into a paper cup box, this time made from gold star paper cups and glitter tape. Or a gold paper bag, with bow tape.

Any quicker communal food gift ideas than the peppermint bark {which is foolproof but does have quite a lot of waiting time?}

Show and tell

Ideas for blog posts don’t seem to be reaching fruition right now, so I’m just popping in with some show and tell. One of my favourite things about this time of year is seeing how talented stylists use Papermash products to wrap beautiful parcels. I’m so happy to be included in these magazines!

Living Etc / Sophie Brown / James Merrell – silver and dusky pink glitter tape.

Good Homes / Charlotte Love / Max Attenborough – vintage Paris postcards.

Red / Marie Nichols / Yuki Sugiura – black, beige and white washi tape letter. {4 pages of very intricately wrapped presents like the above, definitely worth buying if wrapping is your thing.}

More wrapping ideas here. All images scanned from the publications above, December 2013 editions.