3 ways to glam up supermarket flowers

I often buy supermarket flowers if I’m visiting a friend, but like to replace the cellophane wrapping with something with a little more impact, especially if I want to keep a few stems for myself! Here’s three easy ideas to disguise your cheapish purchase using things you’ll have around the house, and are super quick to do. The wrapping will get discarded straight away so there’s no point making too much effort!

1. Brown paper and twine

The best brown paper in the UK comes with Amazon orders, so I store that up during the year. The one I used is from my latest Rifle Paper Co delivery (even the quality of their brown paper is good!) but it’s very similar, thick and a good colour. I love the wrinkles. I add some pink twine and occasionally a gift tag, sometimes using these glitter letters. Everyone loves a personalised touch!

2. Washi tape and tissue paper

I’ve got so many rolls of washi tape lying around and it’s so easy to snip them into a few triangles and add them onto plain tissue paper.

3. Painted edges

It took me less than two minutes to paint an edge using watercolours along one side of some tissue paper (admittedly not the most successfully!) but as the tissue paper is thin it dried really quickly.

Some tips for keeping roses fresh for longer:

1. Cut them horizontally on the stem as they’ll take in more water that way.

2. If they need revived, put them in boiling water.

3. Be careful with 2. and make sure you transfer them into an appropriate vessel first! I added boiling water to roses in my favourite vintage Dundee marmalade jar and it cracked the base immediately! That was a very sad day indeed, one of the low points of 2015.

{All tags and twine from Papermash.}

A mini milk bottle and friends

I’m in the middle of a ‘grand clear-out’ (goodbye, Living Etc from 2003…) but a collection which remains is a decent-sized stash of small glass containers. Can you have too many? I prefer little collections of flowers (these are cut from the garden), and I added a little colour to these jam jars with blue and pink, and pink and white bakers twine.

jam jars and pink bakers twine

pink bakers twine and jam jars

pink bakers twine and jam jars

I also replaced my hanging eucalyptus with a solitary mini milk bottle tied with strong hot pink jute twine. I like it very much.

Simple clay gift tags

Every Christmas you can be guaranteed that blog posts start to appear in support of the easy craft material which is DAS air drying clay - what it says on the tin {packet.} It’s inexpensive – this time I just bought a tiny packet which made quite a few tags.

DAS gift tags © Papermash

I made some simple gift tags by rolling out some clay, drawing round a paper tag to give me a template, stamping an inked pencil rubber for the dots and using these lowercase stamps for the letters. I would suggest using an old ink pad if you have one {where the ink is a bit dryer.} I used this ink but when I opened a fresh one, the ink didn’t take at all in the clay. Also I used red ink, which then dried out as pink. You could also try making the dots and filling them with glitter. When they are dry, you can smooth the edges with a nail file.

Das spotted gift tags © Papermash

The clay takes around 24 hours to dry but make simple personalised tags {here combined with black and gold glitter twine and pink neon jute twine.}

Are you following along on Instagram? I’m sharing a gift wrapping idea each day of advent {@lynneatpapermash}.

A giant safety pin random acts of kindness advent calendar

Inspired by one of our customers, Jen, I decided to make a random acts of kindness advent calendar this year. (You can see her ideas here.) I busted out an advent calendar in record time using our advent calendar envelopes, a giant safety pin, red and gold twine, gold paper quickly folded into leaves, and some sprigs of my favourite eucalyptus.

These are some of my ideas, but I would LOVE to compile a more comprehensive list so that next year’s calendar can be even better. I would love to hear your suggestions!

Autumn gift wrapping ideas

Autumn is my favourite season, so I was excited to try out some autumn-themed wrapping.

These are a few ideas using these acorn and leaf stamps, brown ink, and gold bakers twine.

In this first one, I plaited some twine together, and added this gold safety pin and neon pink twine.

I used watercolours to paint a background with varying shades of reds, oranges and greens, then used the leaf stamp and painstakingly cut round these little leaves with my scalpel.

I went on a little excursion to the common to search out some leaves and decorated them with washi tape and little bulldog clips.

Which is your favourite?

Paper cup boxes, festive edition

Just trying out a few ideas for my Christmas Crafternoon for friends in a few week’s time, where we’ll make a food gift and wrap it up.

I think a few pieces of peppermint bark will fit nicely into a paper cup box, this time made from gold star paper cups and glitter tape. Or a gold paper bag, with bow tape.

Any quicker communal food gift ideas than the peppermint bark {which is foolproof but does have quite a lot of waiting time?}

P is for pink, party and pinata!

A few month’s ago I had fun working with stylist Charlotte Love again, working on a pink party shoot for Papermash‘s 4th birthday! We used a pink and gold theme to show off these pink pom poms and pink tissue balls, with little crafty touches like the pink straws and gold glitter tape bunting.

I wanted to show some super-easy crafts, the kind that don’t require instructions, just a little imagination. In this paper doily bunting, Charlotte used glitter card, these striped doilies, pink striped bakers twine and floral doilies.

My new favourite discovery is this glitter tape, and it’s easy to make your own letter or number cups, using this or washi tape {just cut the shape on a mat first.} In this photo; pink straws, pink diamond cups and plates, lavender bow cups and plates.

Pink overkill? There’s more…

Charlotte made this fabulous pink pinata {and used the gold glitter tape again, on a balloon.}

This last one is my favourite; it makes me think of a deconstructed post-party chaos {much like my crafternoon clear-up.}

Thanks to Charlotte and photographer Natalie Dinham for their hard work on one of the hottest days of the year.

NB: Previous shoots with Charlotte; a black and white Christmas, and my first blog post.

Guilty, as charged

This morning I went *foraging* in the streets nearby. A deft clip with my sneaky secateurs when no-one was looking, and I soon had a little collection which has already brought me much happiness! I carefully chose {or at least that’s what I’m saying} plants in neglected communal gardens, overhanging branches from the downstairs flat, trees lining the streets, and a few snips from the local Common. Just a few…

I’m not much of a florist, but I love my little arrangements. I may go on another undercover mission next week…{not so undercover if you blog about it.}

I’ve added this to Lou’s Nature in the Home series for this week.