A new journey…

Hello, and welcome to the new Papermash blog! It was time for something new and more cohesive, so I’m wrapping up my Tea for Joy blog and I’m excited to launch this one with photos from a travel-themed shoot, styled by Charlotte Love.

I love the little Policeman! London notebook / London post-its / Travel gift tags / Red and white baker’s twine / Paris notebook / Paris post-its

Charlotte framed a page from the Rifle Paper Co 2013 calendar, which has lots of stunning images, including Sydney, Instanbul, and Amsterdam! We thought it would be a cute way to recycle the calendar when the year is done.

Rifle Paper Co. New York print.

London snowglobe print

Our London snow globe print by Clare Owen, whose illustrations I love.

I’m officially self-employed {for now} and am loving working at home, devising little rituals, like making soup on Fridays and trying to venture outside in the first and last light hour of the day. I’m so much more aware of the seasons and the light than when I was working in an fluorescent-lit office all day. And, for any other homeworkers out there, I’d appreciate any tips on getting over the 3pm slump {which I also didn’t experience in an office.} A wise man told me recently that working at home alone {although I have a part-time helper for a while – much appreciated!} is not the same as having ‘alone time’ so as I start work early I’m sort of dedicating the 3-5pm slot to doing my own thing…still finding the rhythm.

If you didn’t read my old blog, or if you did – I hope you’ll come back and visit. Charlotte also styled an amazing Christmas story, which I’ll share very soon!

Stylist: Charlotte Love Photos: Lenka Rayn H.

25 thoughts on “A new journey…

  1. The new blog looks great – love it.
    I go for a swim most afternoons to try to beat the 3 o clock slump. Dog walking also works for me. x

  2. This is so exciting! I love Tea for Joy, so am a bit sad to see that go, but can’t wait to read the new blog. It looks great. :)

  3. Hi, I didn’t know your old blog but have discovered this one via the Patchwork Harmony blog. Love the beautiful stationary and images you’ve shared here. Will definitely visit again. Fiona

  4. This is great Lynne… lovely new blog! looking forward to following along. I try to sleep at 3pm (when possible) just for 5 or 10 minutes. it gives me a new burst of energy to get through the rest of the day. B xx

    • Vicky, the square frame is from Ikea (was around £6) – the others are A3 and I think are from Homebase – they are owned by the same people as Habitat now and they were decent frames, not very expensive. Charlotte made the mounts.

  5. Congratulations on moving to your new bloggy home. I look forward to seeing how it grows. Yay for homeworking too! Wish I was there but maybe one day.

  6. New visitor – but how do I follow you around here? Loving the pictures – drawn by the red double deckers – buses are a passion for my little boy who has an ASD :D

    • Hi, I’ll add a button soon, or you can just add the web address to Google Reader – that’s the one I use:)

  7. Exciting times! Love the new look, like a brand new note book with a beautiful cover… waiting to be filled with lots of… um, notes!

  8. i love your shop :-) hoping to purchase again soon. since having my baby i deal with my 4pm slump by going out for a brisk walk, the fresh air gives me the energy i need. lots of luck x

  9. blog! It’s looking so lovely already and I’m really excited to read more soon. I hope working from home goes well for you. Just make sure you remember when your working day starts and ends! xx

  10. Great new blog, I look forward to following you in your new home. That calendar is beautiful definitely on my Xmas wish list and I’m a big fan of charlotte’s work.

    The 3pm slump is tricky. Fresh air is definitely a winner. Plus not eating a heavy lunch is key. Don’t forget though us home workers aren’t stoping in the office kitchen for tea breaks every few hours. I tend to finish earlier at home than when I was in an office because I’m doing more quality work in less time.

    • Hi Sarah, Yes, I definitely don’t have many breaks or an hour for lunch so I can justify finishing earlier x

  11. Delightful blog! I did my PhD for years working from home and I found the 3pm slump impossible. For me, I organised my day like this:
    8am walk or yoga
    830 shower and breakfast (put the washing on/do a household chore too!)
    9-1130 work
    1130-1230 lunch/break/email/blogging
    1230-330 work
    330-430 fun time/making time/crafting time
    430-630 work.
    I found that it’s a good, solid work day, and I looked forward to crafty time/me time a lot, which was a great motivator. Good luck with it all – it’s a challenge!

  12. I absolutely love the Rifle Paper Co. “Cities” calendar as framed artwork! I’m going to put this together for my home office as a reminder of our recent travels. Could you please provide some details about the IKEA frame used to display the calendar pages? If you could please provide the size of the mat and the size of the picture frame, that would be really helpful!

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